In January 2007, the Medical Ethics Committee was formed in Montreal. Headed by Rabbi Yonasan Binyomin Weiss, this committee is available to doctors in various hospitals across Quebec to assist patients and their relatives with any questions which may arise, pertaining to treatment and end of life issues.

Currently, a protocol with hospitals is being drawn up which will be formalized within the medical system. Doctors and nurses at the various stations will be informed as to how to relate to a Jewish patient and the family at a time of need.

A new lecture series, conducted by Rabbi Weiss has commenced at the offices of the Jewish Community Council of Montreal. Every few weeks, Rabbi Weiss gives a shiur to various doctors in and around Montreal pertaining to various medical topics, whilst at the same time, addressing Halachic issues which may arise.

Should one need the advice of this committee, please contact the office at 514.739.6363.

Should you wish to order copies of these lectures, please email: medical.ethics@mk.ca