Montreal Jewish Conversion Holds it’s annual Chanuka party

The Chanuka lights burned brightly on the fourth night of Chanuka in the Montreal Jewish Conversion program’s offices on Decarie. Sixty of the program’s rabbis, teachers, and students gathered at the center for the annual Chanuka party organized by capable program director Mrs. Michelle Braun. Students jovially connected with ea

ch other and their teachers in this relaxed and spirited atmosphere. 

Jewish Community Council Director Rabbi Saul Emanuel welcomed the crowd and introduced presidium member Mr. Leonard Mintz, who led the crowd in a public menorah lighting. Rabbi Ariel Wasserlauf gave his first public address as a rabbi on the geirus beth din. He spoke to a riveted audience about a Jew’s signature yearning and striving for completion. 

Then guests mingled with each other and feasted on the bountiful dairy Chanuka menu. 

Guests were privileged to hear Torah thoughts on Chanuka from program graduate and convert Akiva. Rabbi Rosner concluded the evening’s program with some Chanuka thoughts and inspiration. A wonderful time was had by all participants.