Uplifting: MJC’s annual Chanukah party

Uplifting: MJC’s annual Chanukah party

Every year, the MJC Conversion Center holds a Chanukah party for those in our program and recent converts.

Rabbi Yehuda Gottesman, one of the MJC teachers, was the MC this year.

Rabbi Yisrael Meir Cremisi, a dayan on the beis din for geirus, delivered the keynote speech. He spoke about the beauty of Jewish life and the meaning of being a Jew.

Then, three recent geirim spoke about their experiences and challenges going through the program — and how they stuck it out until they reached their goals.

A board member of the JCC, Mr. Leonard Mintz, lit the menorah, as he has done for the past 25 years. 

The atmosphere was like family — the converts felt they had a place where they belonged.

Close to 30 people became Jewish this past year through the MJC’s rigorous program. Currently, the MJC has 48 students enrolled.