Jewish Community Council hosts Jean Charest

On Thursday night, the JCC welcomed Quebec’s former Premier and candidate for the Conservative Party leadership, Mr. Jean Charest and members of his team to an event in its Decarie offices. Our Executive Director Rabbi Saul Emanuel introduced Mr. Charest by noting that the very year Rabbi Emanuel immigrated to Canada was the same time that Mr. Charest became the leader of the Liberal Party of Quebec.

At the event, Mr. Charest met with entrepreneurs, leaders, and community members from various Jewish communities on the island and shared his policy plans with the group. The crowd enthusiastically engaged in a robust and lengthy question and answer session to close off the evening. Thank you Mr. Charest for your time!

The event is one of several meet-the-candidate evenings that the JCC traditionally holds as federal or party election season ramps up. If you would be interested in attending such an event, please email