Our Community Heroes: Rabbi Barak Nissim Hetsroni

As the Chaplain and Spiritual Advisor at the Jewish General Hospital the past many weeks have been challenging and at times heartbreaking for. He has been working around the clock – even on the first night of Passover – to provide comfort and support to patients suffering from the COVID-19 virus. Due to the pandemic and the need to flatten the curve and minimize the spread of the illness, patients are not allowed visitors. “I often stand in the hallway or at the doorway of a patient’s room wearing my protective equipment while doing my best to assure patients that they are not alone. Sometimes I sit in a chair near their bed while maintaining social distancing. Together, we look at family photo albums and share stories. On other occasions we pray together or I facilitate a FaceTime call.”

“It is emotional” adds Rabbi Hetsroni, “but the human spirit is magical, and I gain strength from the incredible people I have met during this crisis.”

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